Top 25 Most Difficult Companies to Interview

Glassdoor, the leading social jobs and career community, dug through more than 80,000 interview ratings and reviews shared throughout the past year to uncover the Top 25 Most Difficult Companies to Interview.

This list is based entirely on experiences from recent job candidates.

  • Toughest Interview Process:McKinsey & Company (Interview difficulty: 3.9), Boston Consulting Group (Interview difficulty: 3.8) and Oliver Wyman (Interview difficulty: 3.7), all consulting firms, have the most difficult interview process according to recent job candidates. (Interview difficulty ratings based on a 5-point scale; 1.0=very easy, 5.0=very difficult).
  • Does a Difficult Interview Process Mean More Satisfied Employees? While all companies on this list have a difficult interview process, employees at a majority (14 of the 25 companies) of these companies say they are ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ at work. Of companies on this list, Facebook employees are most satisfied (Company rating: 4.6, Interview difficulty: 3.3), followed by Bain & Company (Company rating: 4.2, Interview difficulty: 3.6) and Boston Consulting Group (Company rating: 4.1, Interview difficulty rating: 3.8).
  • Does a Difficult Interview Mean a Negative Experience? Despite a tough interview, at 100% of companies on this list, the positive interview experience outweighs the negative. Cypress Semiconductor receives the highest rate of candidates experiencing a positive interview (76% positive, 10% negative), followed by Sapient (75% positive, 6% negative) and Bain & Company (73% positive, 2% negative).
  • Keeping up Tough Interviews: Several companies on last year’s report have made it again on this year’s list, including McKinsey & Company (Interview difficulty 2012: 3.9; 2011: 3.9), Oliver Wyman (Interview difficulty 2012: 3.7; 2011: 3.4) and Teach for America(Interview difficulty 2012: 3.4; 2011: 3.5). Some newcomers to this list include Shell Oil (Interview difficulty: 3.6), Google (Interview difficulty: 3.5) and Facebook (Interview difficulty: 3.3).