Should HR pros be rallying for Halloween fun or not at work?

Should HR pros be rallying for Halloween fun or not at work?

It’s a question many HR practitioners are now considering with the scariest day of the year next week.

So what should HR practitioners consider, and what’s the ROI for employers?

Glassdoor, a jobs and career community changing the way employers recruit and retain talent, is releasing its latest survey shedding light into what employees care most and least about when it comes to an employer-hosted Halloween celebration in the office. Highlights include:

·        More than half (52%) of employees say they are likely or very likely to participate in employer-hosted Halloween fun

·        2 in 5 (40%) companies celebrate Halloween in the office

·        70% of employees would most enjoy a Halloween breakfast/lunch or free candy/treats

·        Nearly half (46%) of employees aren’t sure if their employer has a policy around work-appropriate Halloween attire

·        Most employees (51%) say if a co-worker dresses in an inappropriate Halloween costume, the best thing HR can do is to ask them to change (14% say HR should send them home)

·        Only one in ten (11%) employees plan to wear a Halloween costume to work

·        Nearly one in three (29%) hope their boss will dress up for Halloween at work

·        Only 6% of employees would enjoy bobbing for apples or other games