New HR class for managers

I’ll be teaching a short class this fall at Frederick Community College on HR for non-HR people. The class will meet for 5 consecutive Thursdays from September 27 through October 25 from 5:30-7:30 p.m.

Here’s a course description in case you know of any small business owners/managers who could benefit from this type of information.


Many small businesses don’t have the luxury of having a full-time human resources staff or the budgets to hire a consultant. However, these organizations are still responsible for the essential HR functions of recruitment, performance management, employee safety and benefits, corporate compliance and more. It can be a confusing environment for managers and small business owners who don’t have adequate training in the human resources field.

Our HR Basics for Managers series covers many of these crucial topics. Each session is two-hours.

Session 1: The role of HR and the employment lifecycle
In this first session, we will discuss the HR functions that are found in most companies and highlight the employment lifecycle. We will also briefly review employment laws for organizations of various sizes.

Session 2: Legal and effective interviewing
Participants will learn behavioral interviewing techniques and the difference between legal and illegal interview questions.

Session 3: Performance management
Once you hire people, how do you keep them engaged? In this session, we’ll discuss the importance of monitoring employee performance, the value of feedback and how to have difficult discussions.

Session 4: HR and social media
In our ever-changing world of work, social media is gaining importance, but there are some HR-related concerns that small business owners and managers should know. In this session, we’ll talk about practical considerations of using social media in the workplace.

Session 5: Working through HR issues in your organizations
This session will allow participants to share some of the HR issues they are currently facing in their own organizations. Scenarios can be submitted prior to class to allow for anonymity, if necessary. The class will use the knowledge they have gained from the previous four sessions to help develop viable solutions to the workplace problems that have been presented.

Cost is $129 plus about $40 in books.

Registration information is available on FCC’s website at