New book helps college graduates succeed in the real world

I am beyond excited to announce the publication of my first book! The press release follows:

In today’s economy, finding and keeping a job can be especially daunting for new college graduates. Employers often report that college hires have textbook learning, but lack some critical life skills that are necessary to be successful over the long haul. Certain soft skills aren’t being taught in the classroom, but are essential to success in the workplace.

With the input of several other seasoned professionals, author Amanda K. Haddaway provides 25 tips to help new college graduates navigate through the challenges of finding and keeping their first jobs and living on their own in her new book, Destination Real World: Success after Graduation.

Haddaway expects that the book’s main audience will be soon-to-be or recent college graduates, but career services professionals and college staff and professors may also find value in using the book with students. The book makes an ideal gift for colleges and universities to present to their graduating class members.

There has also been early interest from corporate recruiters and human resources managers who plan to purchase the book for the college students that they interview on-campus and at their offices.

“During my work as a college recruiter, I kept seeing the same things over and over again. We were hiring exceptionally bright students, but they weren’t quite sure of how to act outside of the classroom. Our managers expected the new hires to begin employment and be equipped with all the skills that were necessary to be successful on day one. This book helps students bridge that gap,” said Haddaway.

Destination Real World: Success after Graduation guides readers through writing a résumé, being successful at job interviews, impressing a new boss, renting a place to live, dealing with stress, building a personal brand and so much more.

Destination Real World: Success after Graduation is available online through

Destination Real World: Success after Graduation

25 Tips You Didn’t Learn in School
ISBN-13: 978-1466316829
ISBN-10: 1466316829