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HSA Changes Add More to Consider When Picking Plans (Workforce Management magazine, August 2011, page 10; requires free registration for access to entire article)

Excerpt: Despite the health care reform law changes affecting HDHPs/HSAs, Folcomer Equipment Corp., a construction machinery dealer in Aberdeen, Maryland, no longer offers traditional PPO or HMO plans. Instead, it has moved its workforce of 40 employees entirely to its HDHP/HSA plan.

“There was initially a lot of confusion about the switch,” says Amanda Haddaway, director of human resources and marketing, especially among employees who had been on traditional HMO and PPO insurance plans, where in-network services didn’t have deductibles. “There was some ‘sticker shock’ when the new HDHP deductibles were explained,” she says.

A concerted education campaign helped Folcomer address employee concerns, Haddaway says. “Once we explained that the premiums, including their portion of the HSA funding, would be the same or less than what they were currently paying, most employees were very happy.”

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Companies Face Risks by Favoring One Religion (requires SHRM membership for access)

Excerpt: That’s why Amanda Haddaway, director of HR and marketing at Folcomer Equipment Corp., suggested that companies “support a culture of openness, rather than a culture that elevates one religious belief or religious brand over others.”

Is Your Employee Handbook Too Wordy? (requires SHRM membership for access)

Excerpt: For example, Amanda Haddaway, director of human resources and marketing for Folcomer Equipment Corp. in Frederick, Md., said: “Be a responsible employee by being present, working hard, using common sense and acting in a legal and effective manner. When in doubt, ask manager.”

The performance evaluation form that Amanda created is included in The Essential Performance Review Handbook by Sharon Armstrong.



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