Guest Post: Seven Social Networking Sites that Will Get You Hired

Over the last few years, the technique for searching for jobs and recruiting candidates has changed dramatically. We have gone from skimming through the classifieds and hoping that the right candidate comes through to utilizing social networking sites. These social tools can be beneficial in a variety of ways but the key is to know how to use them accordingly to optimize your results and ultimately land you that job or find you the perfect candidate. So where do you begin? Well, here is a list of 7 social tools to help get you started and give you an idea of what they are about. Do not feel limited only to what is included here as there are many more where these came from!

1.       LinkedIn. LinkedIn is perhaps one of the most popular recruitment tools online today. As you probably have already heard, LinkedIn provides you with the opportunity to create a personal profile and upload your resume so that your experiences are highlighted and recruiters can see. By creating this profile, you can establish what LinkedIn calls “connections.” It is a place where you can make a list of the jobs you like most and save them. And what’s not to love for the recruiters? LinkedIn serves as an amazing tool to help scout that candidate you feel is most fitting.

2. This social tool is one that competes with that of LinkedIn. provides an easy mode for giving recommendations. Yes, that’s right, recommendations! This tool saves you the hassle of having to hunt down past bosses, professors, or managers so that they can give you a recommendation. Instead it provides you with recommendations at the click of a button. The key is to get a decent amount of recommendations so that you can be noticed and build credibility. Although LinkedIn profiles are more detailed, has its plus as well. The site does not reveal the recommendation to the user thereby making this just as honest as your average recommendations.

3.       Pinterest. One of the fastest growing social network sites. Well designed and pinned boards can provide the opportunity to connect with industry influencers and prospective employers. And if you are in a visual field Pinterest can effectively become your online portfolio.

4.       Tweetajob. Just like smartrecruiters, Tweetajob provides an easy mode to rapidly announce job openings on Twitter. At the click of a button the recruiter can post their position, and all it takes is for the candidate to scroll through those tweets!

5.       Jibber Jobber: A helpful career management site where you can network your way into a desired company. You can track jobs you are interested in, networking contacts and target companies.  The regular membership is free and you can upgrade your account from $5 to $9.95 monthly fee.

6.       TalentBin. It is for our fellow recruiters as the site uses the recruiter’s social graph to search for candidates that best suit the job. Talentbin states that their purpose is to “find professionals with exactly the skills you are looking for.” If you know what skills you would like your applicant to possess, then TalentBin might be just the tool for you and vice versa! If you’re an applicant and feel that your skills can help you find a job, then by all means, use this tool as well!

 7.       Bright.  With a database of more than 2.5 million jobs, Bright uses data to match compatible employees and employers. Bright provides a score to job seekers to show the compatibility level with any job they apply based on their skills, experiences and interests.

There are many other tools out there. You just have to find which one suits you best. Good luck!



Caroline writes on variety of topics including allied health recruitment.  She attends conferences and trade events to keep up well informed in the industry latest trends.