Guest post: New Year’s Resolutions for Hiring Managers

If employees are the team members and supervisors are the coaches, then hiring managers are surely the talent scouts. Hiring managers are essential to the workforce and their ability to identify untapped talent markets can set their company apart from their competitors in the upstream industry. Yet reaching out to top performers and potential employees with the qualifications, experience and attitude it takes to make positive strides for the business isn’t always as easy as it may seem.

Although the U.S. unemployment rate is at its lowest since prerecession 2008, there are still plenty of eager and talented workers looking for fulfilling career opportunities, and it’s the responsibility of the hiring manager to find them. As technology continues to take the business world to new heights, it will be more important than ever for hiring managers to utilize learning resources that speak to the future of online recruiting. Hiring professionals looking to make a New Year’s resolution that will re-energize their recruitment strategies must learn to do one key thing: Love technology.

Technology Unites Talent 
According to Spark Hire, 94 percent of recruiting managers plan to use technology as a cornerstone of their hiring strategies. Now, that may not be convincing enough to immediately run out and buy every new gadget from 2013, but here are a few more statistics that may at least get the creative juices flowing:

  • Of the people in the job market currently looking for opportunities, 70 percent of them use their phones to peruse the classifieds or recruiting applications.
  • More than 60 percent of companies look to applications like Skype and other video platforms while conducting interviews.
  • From discovery to onboarding, it can take an average of 29-43 days to hire someone new, according to the Society for Human Resource Management.

These trends indicate that hiring managers not only need to embrace technology as a tool for recruitment and interviewing, but also that talent seekers need to stay on their toes to keep up with ways in which job seekers are looking for work.

According to Forbes, increasing a position’s presence via video, posting on social media sites and utilizing trends from Big Data can all have substantial impacts. Not only are companies reaching wider audiences, but also identifying people who already have technology skills necessary for the modern workplace.

As technology becomes more infused with everyday life, it’s natural that some hiring managers may be intimidated or feel out-of-touch with online platforms like social media. Never fear, managers, there’s always time to learn new tricks.

Boost Hiring With Improved Skills
Hiring managers interested in improving their skills capital and talent pool should consider advocating for industry training during professional meetings, so everyone involved in the onboarding process utilizes the same technology.

HR conferences and tradeshows are also a great place to see what technological strategies competitors use and discover better ways to enhance the company’s own long-term hiring plan. Similarly, once hiring managers have decided on their preferences for technological solutions, they can in turn set up shop at employment conferences and tradeshows to bolster their presence among job-seekers.

A little additional training and a lot of love for technology can help companies make great strides in 2014.


About the author:

Joseph J. Azzata, founder of eCareer Connections, Inc. He is a leader in the healthcare staffing industry with a focus on web-based automated recruiting processes.