Guest post: 7 Mistakes That are Costing You a Promotion

When it comes to career advancement, dressing poorly isn’t doing you any favors. Neither is lying, attempting to hide problems, brown nosing or pretending you know things you don’t among others. In order to seriously evaluate what’s holding you back from being promoted at work, consider these seven common mistakes:

Inability to Handle Criticism

Sometimes you’re going to make mistakes and need to own up to and learn from them. Other times you will be criticized purely because someone usually your boss has a different idea about how you should approach your work, a certain project, etc. If you’re unable to handle criticism, engage in uncomfortable conversations or discuss disagreements, it’s probably costing you that promotion. Next time you’re confronted and feel an excuse creeping to your lips, shut them.

Not Keeping Your Word

Saying yes to every question or taking on every project opportunity offered to you won’t impress your manager unless you follow through. Don’t say you’re going to do something unless you truly are and can. Good intentions mean almost nothing when its go time and you haven’t kept your word.

Generally Being Annoying

When you initially filled out online applications for jobs, your resume obviously caught someone’s eye and your interview skills somehow landed you this job. Don’t make your boss reconsider by wondering how that person turned into you. If you’re known as “high pitch voice” or “complainer,” you aren’t going to see a promotion anytime soon. It seems unfair, but if your boss doesn’t like you, it’s unlikely you’ll be promoted. Avoid being the break room nag or getting too emotional during a heated discussion.

Showing Zero Initiative

It’s easy to recognize areas that need improvement, but anyone can do that. If you are thinking like an employee not a manager you’ll stay an employee. Company leaders look for problem solvers who don’t just acknowledge problems but analyze issues and find solutions. This applies to company problems that are outside of your realm of responsibility, as well. If you have a “that’s not my problem” attitude, don’t expect any praise later on.

Lacking Professionalism

No matter how relaxed your office atmosphere is, don’t slack on professionalism. Showing up late says you aren’t invested in company time. Gossiping says you can’t be trusted with confidential information. Dressing provocatively or sloppily causes distractions and pull people from focus. These examples and other bad behaviors can misrepresent the company and that isn’t a risk most employers are willing to take.

Being Invisible

You may be good at what you do, but if you lack the social skills necessary to participate in small talk you’ll have trouble advancing in your career. Managers need not only a technical skill set, but they must have the ability to negotiate, lead and communicate.

Brown Nosing

Sweet talking the boss will do nothing positive for your career if you’re disrespecting the office secretary. Treat all workers with respect, not just the ones you think can help you advance. And besides, some of the most powerful people in the office are the administrative assistants they can put in a good word for you or help prevent you from making mistakes by sharing important, unknown details.

About the author: Yasmin Rose

A real go-getter, Yasmin encourages others around her to shoot for the stars and be the best in the world of business. She loves sharing tips on how to build your own start up and make it into a success.