Guest post: 5 Things To Avoid During the First Hour of Your Work Day

If you are among the millions of Americans who do not have the luxury of having a wealthy uncle that left you his wildly successful portfolio filled with investments in all of the top companies in the world, then you probably understand all too well the stress that comes along with managing a successful career and personal life.

We all have to work, so the question is how can we enjoy our job and reduce the chance of a stressful day ruining our mood and hampering our success? The solution seems relatively simple: Having a series of successful work days is the key to enjoying your job.

Well it sounds easy enough, right? There are many factors that can help ensure a successful work day for you. One tip for having a great day is to have a great morning. Do not under estimate the power of having a morning routine in place that can lay the ground work for a successful day at the office. In fact, according to, the first hours of each morning of your work day can actually affect your productivity level for the entire day. How your day begins will set the pace, attitude, tone, and focus for the day, so a morning full of good routines will ultimately lead to a productive and successful day at work, whether you are employed by a small company or a larger one, like Yahoo, or a Lifelock job.

5 Things To Avoid During the First Hour of Your Work Day

1. Don’t Be Late – Being just a few minutes late can totally derail your entire day. Not only does it make you look bad to your boss, it can cause stress due to missed appointments, conference calls, or other time sensitive duties and throw you off of your game, even if it’s just a bit.

2. Don’t Dread the Day Because You Don’t like Your Job – If you are not feeling happy and fulfilled at work, ask yourself if you like what you are doing. If no, you should give yourself the opportunity to do something you enjoy and make a career move now. Even in today’s tough economy there are many companies that have technical career options that are in demand. Opportunities such as medical careers, and other IT choices offer you the chance to make a career move where you can excel and enjoy your work day.

3. Don’t Be Unorganized – Don’t underestimate the importance of being organized in the morning. Setting up a list of priorities and goals during the first few hours of the work day is crucial for staying focused. Make a “to do” list and try to stick to it unless something critical that demands your attention comes into play.

4. Don’t Be Distracted By Your Email – According to, most experts agree that you should not check your email as soon as you arrive at work. Often we get bogged down in responding to emails that really aren’t that important and take us away from tasks that need our immediate attention. If you must, scan the incoming messages and only respond to the urgent ones that demand an immediate response or that are pertinent to your day’s agenda.

5. Don’t Forget to Breathe – Once you put out any fires and have a firm grasp on your priorities for the day, take time for a mid-morning breather. Catch up with co-workers, grab a cup of coffee and revitalize so you can give your brain a minute to recharge for the busy day ahead.

Do not underestimate the power of starting your day off right. The key to a successful work day begins with your morning habits. It can also help if you are not stressed about the security of your finances too, so you can have some wiggle room to find a better career, if the one you’re in isn’t the right fit for you.


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