Directions to Employment

I came across this post by Matthew Thompson of Hyperion and wanted to share it with my readers. I thought it was a creative take on the job search process. Enjoy!


I was just going about my normal business on the internet today, and came across these directions on Google. The points made are quite poignant and very apt when it comes to the job seeking process.

Destination: Employment                                                  Post/ZIP Code: 5UC C355

 You are 11 steps away from your destination; it will take hard work, dedication and a good sense of where you are going to complete the journey. Are you up for the challenge?

1. Head North towards a high quality Curriculum Vitae, which is legible, error free and intriguing to read. No one wants to open up a file and find a CV which is boring and so long it gives In Search of Lost Time a run for its money in the Guiness book of records.

2. Turn Right down Career Avenue, this is a long winding road of opportunity – window shop here for a while and look at all the possible (Career) paths which you can go down. What are you suitable for? Will you stay on course or veer off into unknown territory?

3. Bear right down Standard Boulevard sending out mass computerised emails to ‘Whom it may concern’ or ‘Sir/Madam’– This is the actions of someone who is not that motivated to find the perfect role for them in the industry which excites them most. You receive very little feedback, and have no way of knowing where you are going to go next.

4. POINT OF INTEREST –  Stop here for a while for a chance to collect your thoughts, catch up on your industry news and DO YOUR RESEARCH – Try to discover local meetups with professionals in the industry to network and learn the sector in which you are trying to break into. This way you will not only possess passion but also start to build up a knowledge that will be beneficial for your journey.

Leave the local hotspot and take a fresh and much more positive route.

5. Turn Left down Lucrative Lane, this is your chance to really impress, get your CV out there and communicate with people in your desired industry. Personalise every application to the company, stipulate what it is YOU have to benefit the company. Make sure the passion and knowledge you have for your industry shines out in you CV.

6. You are approaching the end of your journey, in 400 yards turn right towards the interview process – you have impressed on paper but as the great Michael Madsen said “Are you gonna bark all day doggy, or are you going to bite?” This is your time to dazzle your future employers, treat the days leading up to the interview as a full time job, research the company, think and then practice through possible questions and KNOW your CV.

7. You are now approaching a decisive cross road, turn left to get there early. With a strong handshake and confident smile, light up the room with your passion, energy and enthusiasm. Charm the room with thoughtful conversation in a well mannered and professional interview. If all these boxes are ticked, you have done all you can to succeed.

8. Now comes a pensive time, the waiting game.

9. Every phone call, every email and every time you think you felt your phone vibrate adds to the suspense. Anxiety, excitement and wonder are feelings you are going through right now as all the pressure builds up.

10. Then your phone lights up and rings. And it rings again.

11. You answer.


You have reached your destination.

Reprinted with permission by Matthew Thompson. The original post is available here