Demanding jobs and kids

A headline on the Wall Street Journal‘s website caught my attention last week:

Study: Demanding Jobs May Keep Gen X Women From Having Kids

I read the article and I’m not sure I agree. A job doesn’t keep someone from having kids. It may be an excuse or a crutch, but there are plenty of successful businesswomen who make it work. I think the greater issue is that society expects women to have kids — whether they have a demanding job or not. If a woman chooses to not have children for whatever reason, she is made to feel as inferior in some way. It’s a choice, people — an accident for some — and not a responsibility of all women of a certain age to bear children. This isn’t 1700, it’s 2011. Choosing a career over children, children over career, a family of just husband and wife, being single, whatever are ALL acceptable choices. Do what works for you and don’t give in to what society thinks you should do.

Ok, stepping off my soapbox now…