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Top 25 Companies for Work-Life Balance in 2012

For some employees, it may seem they’re working non-stop thanks to technology keeping them constantly connected. But for other employees, they maintain a more balanced work and personal life thanks to their companies offering flexible schedules, work from home options, free food, gyms at work and more. Glassdoor, the leading social jobs and career community, is revealing its second annual list of Top 25 Companies for Work-Life Balance, according to their own employees. This list is based on 385,000 company reviews shared by employees over the past year. Highlights: Top 5 Companies: MITRE (work-life balance rating: 4.5) ranks #1 when it comes to offering employees...

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Evolving thoughts on work hours

Somewhere in the history of the universe, we got this notion in the workplace that a person needs to be at his/her desk from 8 to 5 in order to be a productive employee. Then, that idea evolved into the concept of the more hours a person works, the more committed he/she is to the project at hand, the company, etc. Neither is exactly right. It’s all dependent upon the type of work and what needs to be done. I’m really excited to see some super successful people starting to speak out and say that it’s OK to leave work at 5:30 and not burn the midnight oil. I’m glad I work for a company that has a corporate culture that allows our employees to leave...

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I’m now on Wizpert

I’ve joined a great online network of consulting and coaching professionals called Wizpert.  If you have Skype access and ever need a question answered, you can click the “Call me on Wizpert” button on my homepage or contact page. I’m available to answer career and interviewing questions, time management concerns and lots more! Please take advantage of this new service.

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