Why Even Small Businesses Need a Bereavement Policy

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The average American spends 8.8 hours a day in work related activities, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That is around 176 hours each month working (and sometimes playing) alongside your coworkers. It’s easy to see how these people become an extended family. As a business, how do you handle a death in a staff member’s life? There are two considerations: the personal side of the loss and the blowback on the company such as downtime. Thinking ahead about something that inevitably happens in every organization is a practical...

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Guest Post: Employee Rights at a Startup For The HR Professional

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Employees are each afforded the same level of rights, whether they’re new on the job or have worked at the same location for 25 years. This also holds true for people whether they’re working at an established business or a startup. Since new business owners are often less knowledgeable about employee rights, it’s important for new hires of a startup company to know their rights going into the job. As an HR professional, it’s important to make these things well known to your employees to ensure a fair and safe workplace. At-Will...

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More Than Half of Employees Would Stay Longer at Their Company If Bosses Showed More Appreciation, Glassdoor Survey

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Two in five employees admit they’re motivated to work harder when boss is demanding Glassdoor, a jobs and career community leading the way in workplace transparency, has released its Employee Appreciation Survey¹, revealing how appreciated employees²  feel by employers, what really motivates employees at work, and what employer-provided perks they want most this Thanksgiving. This survey of more than 2,000 U.S. adults was conducted online by Harris Interactive on behalf of Glassdoor. Appreciated Employees Will Stick Around Longer: While...

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How the Affordable Care Act Will Affect Workers’ Compensation & Your Employees

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As a member of management, you want to have answers for your employees. Unfortunately, you’d have to be superhuman to both anticipate and answer every question they come up with, especially when a major paradigm shift like the Affordable Care Act occurs. So far, most of the debate has centered on personal health plans and the difficulty associated with signing up for them. But what does it mean for your workers’ compensation policy? From an Employee Perspective Little, if anything, will change for your employees. If you have a...

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Aspiring to become an HR Executive? Earn a Graduate Degree and Establish a Stay With Your Company

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Every HR professional aspires to earn a seat  at the C-Suite table, but how do you get there? Software Advice Analyst, Erin Osterhaus, decided to conduct an in-depth study of 100 top HR executives from some of the largest global organizations to find out if there were any trends in their professional tenures and academic backgrounds. The 100 executives sampled were compiled from HREonline’s list of the highest paid HR executives, HREonline’s list of top HR executives by number of employees, and Fortune’s 100 Best Places to Work in...

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Don’t Dismiss Skills-Based Hiring In Favor Of College Degrees

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Nowhere is the old adage “History repeats itself” more true than when a manager is hiring a new employee. Many managers ask questions that have little to do with the position for which a candidate interviews for, and this is a mistake. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Skill Based Hiring A decade ago, Inc. Magazine identified four traits common to the hiring practices of the most successful companies: Ask candidates to describe their skills using specific real-world examples. Use software-based resume screening and...

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What to Do When You Suspect an Employee is Using Drugs

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You’ve been watching a particular employee for a few weeks and are now officially concerned. His performance has slipped. Deadlines have been missed, careless mistakes have been made and he’s taken longer breaks than usual. Hopefully you’ve noted these problems in a couple emails and brief conversations, and maybe you even asked him what’s going on in private—but his answer was a resolute “nothing.” This is clearly untrue, because something is definitely wrong. It might be drug use. More Employees Admit to...

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How a Bad Online Reputation Can Kill Your Hiring Process

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The new word of mouth about a company’s reputation can be found online. In a recent survey by the international contract employment firm Spherion, 47 percent of job-seeking respondents said a company’s online reputation matters as much as the job offer they receive. How candidates see or perceive you is based in part on what they read about your company on the Internet. Glass Door Talent Solutions recently posted a study that found even in a bad economy, job seekers care about a company’s reputation. Job Seekers Write Reviews,...

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Finding Diamonds in the Rough: Q&A with Bethany Perkins, Software Advice

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We recently caught an article by Austin Merritt, COO at Software Advice, a company that helps buyers find the right software, that shares their unique hiring strategy of finding “diamonds in the rough.” The strategy focuses more on candidates’ raw talents rather than their relevant experience. In fact, some of the top employees were previously bartenders, servers or baristas. We decided to catch up with their HR Manager, Bethany Perkins, who herself went from pouring shots to calling them. 1. Since you transitioned from being a...

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Social Media for Recruitment – Infographic

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