Posts made in June, 2013

Guest post: How to Handle Applicants With Felony Convictions

Maryland became the ninth U.S. state to “ban the box” in early May. This initiative means that public sector employers can no longer ask applicants about their criminal history – at least not until later on in the hiring process, according to Employment Screening Resources. Since the Senate Bill 4 was signed, Maryland joins nearly 50 U.S. cities and eight other states in “banning the box” from job applications. All indications point to many more states and municipalities following suit in the coming years. In other words, more efforts are underway to make private and public sector employment opportunities fair to those who have a criminal record. Formerly...

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Poster giveaway and guest post from Live in the Grey

A few months ago, I was contacted by the good folks at Live in the Grey about doing a guest post and giveaway on my blog. The poster they sent me is super cool and will look great on your office wall! To be entered to win, please share this post on Twitter and tag me (@ahaddaway). I’ll pick a winner at random on June 20, 2013. Live in the Grey ( is a new, rapidly growing movement started by Maneesh K. Goyal (founder of award-winning marketing agency MKG) and David Munczinski (Wharton student) encouraging individuals to step outside of a black-and-white world by influencing the blend of a personal and professional lifestyle and inspiring others to...

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