Posts made in March, 2013

Safety is an HR function

I attended a training event a few weeks ago sponsored by one of the manufacturers that we work with. When I was asked about what I do, I mentioned HR, marketing, compliance, safety, etc. A few of the folks there were surprised that safety and compliance are HR functions. However, I believe it makes sense for HR to take the lead on these important functions of the business. HR historically has been concerned with employees — the human resources of the organization. If we’re tasked with getting them in the door through recruiting, we should also be tasked with caring for them while they are employed. Part of that care certainly includes providing a safe...

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Guest post: How to Support Employees Who Suffer from Panic-Anxiety Disorders

If you are a business owner who has several employees working under you, you will notice that some of them may suffer from anxiety and panic attacks at one point or another. While this can be a difficult job to handle, firing these workers can’t be the most sensible solution. Even if you have enough reasons to dismiss them, you may be losing someone with promising career potential. They could even turn out to be valuable assets once their problems have been properly managed. It would then be good for your business to learn to support your employees who suffer from anxiety and panic disorders. Abnormally high levels of stress in the workplace can cause affected...

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