Posts made in January, 2013

2013 Goals

It’s that time of year again when we all start to think about resolutions, goals, the year ahead, etc. I’m not a big New Year’s resolutions kind of person, but this year I’m starting off with two main goals: 1. Reduce the number of emails I receive. We all know that email can be a huge time suck, so I’m making a commitment to myself to eliminate some of the noise. I’ve already started the process of unsubscribing to a number of newsletters that are pushed to my inbox. If I really need the information, I can go to that person’s/company’s/organization’s website. 2. “Babysit” less and hold people more...

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Retention Crucial in 2013 – 1 in 3 Plan to Look for a New Job (Glassdoor Survey Results)

One in three employees plans to look for a new job in 2013 and one in five in the next quarter, according to the upcoming Glassdoor Q4 2012 Employment Confidence Report. As the economy and job market rebound, employees’ are feeling empowered to look for new career opportunities. In 2013, employer’s efforts to retain employees will be essential to avoid losing top talent. Highlights: Employees see job market stabilizing o   Layoff concerns level off: 17% are concerned they may be laid off in the next six months, consistent with reports the prior quarter o   Perks on the rise: Of employees who reported positive changes at their organization, 65% were awarded...

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